About Mia

Hi! My name’s Alana.

No, my name is not Mia.  “Then what’s with the blog name?” you ask.

Mia the Reader is my first published book.

And my only published book.

And I published it as a class project in 4th grade.

But the book is a classic in the story of my life. It tells the plight of a nine-year-old girl who cannot think of any career she would like to have when she grows up because all she likes to do is read.  It’s a big dilemma, but the book ends happily with Mia finding a job at a local library reading books to children all day, every day.

I’m pretty sure when I wrote the book, I didn’t expect to have the same problem as Mia.  I was already planning a big career in gymnastics.  Little did I know how symbolic the story would be.

To make a long story short, the nine-year-old Alana grew up, graduated with a degree in English (focus on literature), got married, and actually did apply to several library positions, but ended up working at a law firm until becoming a full time mom.

And now I read books to children all day, every day.

Okay, not quite.  But reading is part of every day for us, and that and a lot of other  more important joys makes being a mom my favorite job ever.  I still do love to read above any other past time.  And so on this blog, you’ll find my thoughts on the books I read.  I like books that make me think, I enjoy a fun read every now and then, but, most of all, I like books that feel like friends.

And I like friends to share books with! So I hope you’ll find my posts on books helpful, thought provoking, maybe slightly entertaining (fingers crossed),  or even a place to find books that you would like to call friends, too.

And please don’t roll your eyes at me if I throw in some thoughts on mothering.  It’s kind of a big deal.

Thanks for stopping by!



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